Roulette Betting Systems – 3 Systems to More Wins

If you had some roulette betting systems to help increase you winning bets, would you use them? Read on and find out more about some of the more popular roulette betting systems that can give you give you a winning advantage. Roulette has always been one of the casino patrons game of choice. The action, sound of the wheel, the spin of the ball and the chance to win big, always attracts the crowds. Although a fun game to play, it’s a tough game to win and make money. That’s why many people have created roulette betting systems to give themselves and anyone that knows the system, a better chance of winning.

Roulette Betting Systems

Let’s face the facts though, the favour is always with the house and depending on what wheel you use, (European or American) the house edge varies. Many people prefer the European system because the house advantage is 2.7% versus the 5.6% for American. Roulette betting systems have been invented to give the player the best chance of knowing where that ball is going to end upon the wheel. There are many opinions on what the best roulette betting systems are.

Here are some of the more popular roulette betting systems that many use to try to gain the advantage. First of all, every strategy involves predicting patterns. Knowing the patterns can give you a greater chance of placing that chip in the right position. So here are the roulette betting systems often used:

Martingdale System

This is one of the roulette betting systems that focus on outside bets with even money. The thought here for this roulette betting system is to double your bet every time you lose to reduce the initial value for each particular win of the bet.
The main disadvantage of the roulette betting systems like this one is you can quickly reach the limits at the roulette table.

Labouchere System

Roulette betting systems such as this is another progression betting strategy. It’s pretty similar to the Martindale System, but there isn’t as much risk involved. This system uses a sequence of numbers in a line to figure the amount of the bet. In most cases the roulette player will add numbers at the front end of the line to see what the amount of the next bet is going to be.

If it’s a winner, the numbers are lined out and the player continues using the numbers on a smaller line. On the other hand, the roulette betting systems such as the Labouchere system determines if the wager is lost then the previous numbers are added to the end of the line and continue working on the longer line. This roulette betting system was created for a player that when has won over a third of the bets, he will win.

D’Alembert System

This is another one of the roulette betting systems that is referred to a pyramid system. It’s founded on a mathematical equation like the Martingdale system that is founded on placing outside bets with even money. Players that want to keep their wagers and losses to a minimum prefer this roulette betting system.

Although this article is a summary of what different systems can help you, you can get more detailed information of all these roulette betting systems and you can determine which one would be right for you.
In Summary, these roulette betting systems can give you a better chance of winning if you learn them and implement them in your roulette strategy.