Poker Gift Set Ideas

Do you know someone who wants to play poker, who likes to play poker, or who considers themselves the king of the table at their weekly games? When you are trying to decide on poker gifts for this type of person, a poker gift set can be the ultimate gift. As poker has gained fame and notice, gift sets have become more accessible and customizable. In many cases poker gift sets are very affordable (they can also be very expensive if you customize them).

There are many different types of poker gift sets. The basic gift set includes chips, and sometimes card. More involved gift sets can include casino style chips, cards, rules, manuals and videos. Single chip sets and cards make great stocking stuffers at Christmas time. Full, personalized gift sets can make great bachelor presents or Christmas gifts for guys (or girls). Books, videos, computer games and online memberships can also make good gifts for the avid poker player.

When choosing a poker gift set, it is important to consider who you are buying for. If you are buying for a beginner, consider what they will need to get started. A deck of cards, chips, and an instruction booklet are vital pieces to a beginner. You can buy the basics together or separately. Some even come in customizable boxes. Beginners need access to the basics, so a gift set that includes those is appropriate.

For a more established player, consider how and when they play. If they only play in casinos, consider getting them a book on poker play strategies. These books often come with videos to watch. These poker gift sets are available almost anywhere. You can search for them online and get millions of results. Check to see who your player’s favourite professional players are and then look for books or videos by that player. You can easily use a search engine to find these items.

Another fun option can be to customize the items in the poker gift sets. For someone who continually plays poker, customizable poker chips can be a fun option. Casino style chips range in price from $0.58 -$1.00 per customized chip. You can also find customizable chips in sets that cost around $40.00 per set of chips. These are more expensive than generic chips, but are also greater fun. You will get to see your own picture or logo on the chips. For the very adventurous, you can create individual chips with various pictures that the recipient will like.

You can also customize decks of cards. Many photo websites allow you to customize decks of cards with unique pictures on the back. You can simply go to a search engine and type in “customizable playing cards.” There will be many responses, and you can find one that suits your timeframe, budget and other needs. Custom cards can be a unique gift for a poker player.

If the person you are buying for really likes poker, and doesn’t mind playing from the comfort and security of their home, some poker playing websites offer gift options. You can buy friends and family memberships, or add chips to their account. Most of these options require that you know the email of the recipient so that they can be notified of the electronic transaction. Do not expect anything on paper to give to the recipient, web sites simply do not provide paper certificates for these gifts. If the website they play on doesn’t accept gift transactions, get a visa gift card and put a note on it that says it is for their poker playing. You can always contact customer support if you cannot find a gift option. They want your money, and will find a way to make it work. Be sure to check which sites your poker player accesses, so that you do not get them a membership they already have or chips on a website that they do not access.

There are also poker gifts that are not related to the actual playing of poker. You can find poker books and videos at almost any bookstore (online or in person). Additionally, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) published books and videos from their players. WSOP also has a line of shirts, key chains and other memorabilia from tournaments.

It can be hard to buy gifts for people, especially the guys in your life. Most guys like poker, even if it is only extended to the weekly game with their friends. How great would it be to be able to send someone you know to a poker game with chips that have their name and picture on it? Or to stuff someone’s socking with customized cards? You can also have the assurance of knowing that the recipient will not get a gift quite like it from anyone else. All of the options above can be found on the internet, and many can be found in local bookstores. Some can even be found in local malls. It is simply figuring out what your budget is, and what gift set (or type) will best suit the recipient.